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Atanas Matsoureff
Bulgarian watercolorist Atanas Matsoureff has a deft command of the medium that allows him to be simultaneously exacting and free, textural and spare.

In his still life subjects, Matsoureff’s paintings have a feeling of quiet contemplation, in his landscapes, a sense of quietly observing and listening to nature, and in his figures and portraits, a striking feeling of texture and physical presence.

Matsoureff’s website is divided into sections for those subjects as well as sections for drawings and a separate gallery for book illustration.

[Via Jeffrey Hayes]


6 responses to “Atanas Matsoureff”

  1. I love the art work its very beautiful !!

  2. Andrew Wyeth comes to mind.

  3. So brilliant!! I’m always, always curious as to whether this is from life (especially the candle lit still life) or with some photo reference assistance. I guess the artist can set his values first and go from there but such accuracy in lighting and form from life? It’s looks so HARD.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    One is able to sense the love for Matsoureff’s Grandmother and the world that is his alone.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. pizano mireille Avatar
    pizano mireille

    Je vous félicite pour ce travail de toute beauté, souvent sur les sites aquarelle, cela fait très longtemps que je n’ai pas vu quelque chose d’aussi beau. Vous me faites rêver. Aquarellement
    Mireille Pizano

  6. Mehmet Bingol Avatar
    Mehmet Bingol

    @rhea : Atanas Matsoureff never paints from a picture. He explains that the eye is more precise than any camera and he can catch the little nuances only by observing the subject live. For example the next painting again has a candle of which the exact place on the table should not be changed, so that when he continues to work on the painting, the shadows on the model will be the same.