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John Budicin
California based painter John Budicin often works with a muted palette and seeks out subjects with subtle value contrasts, though he also works with higher contrast subjects in a brighter range of color.

I particularly enjoy those compositions in which he places the foreground and subject in shadow, with more brightly lit objects in the backgrounds. You will also find small touches of brighter light and color punctuating his more atmospheric works.

Budicin, originally from Italy and now living and working in San Bernadino, prefers to work in plein air whenever possible, but also develops larger paintings in the studio from his field sketches.

Budicin occasionally teaches workshops in various areas.

The navigation on his website isn’t as well organized as it might be; you’ll find paintings in the sections for “New Artwork”, Painting Showcase”, Painting Archives” and “Field Studies”. There are also examples of his work in the websites of the galleries I’ve listed below in which he is represented.


4 responses to “John Budicin”

  1. Third painting from the bottom up resembles quite much Kevin Macpherson’s painting From a Distance published in his first book. I happen to have it, and that piece above immediately caught my attention. I thought you uploaded it mistakenly but upon checking the book I saw it’s not the same painting. I assume Macpherson influenced JB…

  2. Amazing work. I’m convinced plein air painting brings a unique quality to artworks.

  3. the third one is impressive. so few color changes, yet a huge sense of depth. the other ones are great, too. i will bookmark this guy!

  4. Amazing work. Beautiful Art Work Thanks for sharing 🙂