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Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll
Emily Carroll is an illustrator working in the television animation industry who is also a webcomics artist.

You can find galleries of her illustration and webcomics on her website, as well as additional material on her blog, along with some Flickr sets.

Carroll works in an open line and filled color style, accented with textural and watercolor-like effects. She inks her drawings first on smooth bristol, scans them and applies her colors in Photoshop. There is a bit about her process here.

Her webcomics are often closer to illustrated stories, sometimes dark and inspired by mythological or fairy tale like subjects.

The Prince & The Sea: A Romance (images above, bottom) is a short webcomic/illustrated story that Carroll says was inspired by a dream she had, as well as the illustrations of Henry J. Ford.

[Via The Beat]


One response to “Emily Carroll”

  1. Whhoooo- I have chills from the Prince and the Sea story! Are you channeling Poe?
    If you would like to do a guest post feature of the Prince and the Sea story on my storytelling/art blog- I would love it!