Rajesh Sawant

Rajesh Sawant
Rajesh Sawant is a painter based in the city of Nasik, near the western coast of India.

His work is known to Americans primarily through art competitions from RayMar Art and Canvoo, and exposure in magazines like International Artist.

Sawant works in acrylic and watercolor. His primary subjects are portraits and townscapes. In both, he works in a muted palette, rich in earth colors and accented with brighter hues. In his townscapes he often depicts scenes in overcast light, with wet or puddled streets that evoke the mood of rainy days and also allow the artist to play with light and color.

His website opens in a pop-up window, and unfortunately suffers from broken links for the Drawings section of the gallery and the Videos page. However, don’t miss the “Soloshow” link, as it leads to additional galleries of work.

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  1. Hi!
    I liked the portrait very much. But the landscapes look a bit contrived. The strokes are not ‘free’ and the paintings look more like ‘illustrations’ than ‘paintings’.

  2. wonderful paintings. Enjoyed watching the portraits and landscapes.Even your today’s lecture was fine.

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