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Dutch Winters at Schiphol

Dutch Winters at Schiphol, Rijksmuseum: Charles Lickert, Willem Witsen, Louis Apol, Anton Mauve
Also in keeping with the Winter Solstice (see my previous post), the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has mounted an exhibition of 19th Century Dutch paintings of winter that will be on exhibit at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from 21 December 2011 to 26 March 2012.

The museum’s page for the exhibition doesn’t directly link to the 8 works in the show, but it does link to pages in the museum’s collection for artists whose work will be featured, including (images above, pairs from top): Charles Lickert, Willem Witsen, Louis Apol and Anton Mauve.

I have no idea which paintings are in the actual exhibition, so I’ve just selected some winter themed paintings from the mentioned artists as examples.

Even though it’s a little awkward to click through to the image detail page and then click again on the magnify (plus sign) button under the preview image, it’s worth it for the wonderfully high resolution images.

[Via Art Knowledge News]


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  1. Love these, thanks for posting.