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Scott Tallman Powers

Scott Tallman Powers
Originally from Alabama and now based in Chicago, Scott Tallman Powers works both on location and in the studio, painting landscape subjects as well as figurative works.

At times he combines both elements in paintings evocative of his travels to China, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco and other countries. These more complex figurative compositions frequently have something of a narrative feel to them, with subjects of rural village life and reflective portraits of individuals going about their daily chores.

In small reproductions his work appears polished, but closer up it’s painterly, richly textured and often suggests more detail than is present.

Powers utilizes a variety of palettes, from soft muted hues for misty and overcast days, to bright, vibrantly colored fruit markets and autumn foliage, always selecting a range of colors and values best suited to his subject.

When viewing the image collections on Power’s website, note that there are additional images to be found through the easy to miss text link to “View archived works“.

His instructional video Scott Tallman Powers: Life in the Market is reviewed on Art DVD Review. There is a preview (unfortunately low resolution) on YouTube.

Powers is also featured in the Summer, 2010 issue of American Painting Video Magazine.

There is a nice article with background on Powers and his work on Southwest Art magazine.