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Viktor Bykov

Viktor Bykov
Viktor Bykov is a Russian painter living in the general vicinity of Moscow. He studied at the Cheliabinsk Art College and the Stroganov Art and Design Institute in Moscow.

Outside of that I can find little information, at least in English.

Bykov paints landscapes in oil that walk an interesting line between naturalistic and invented color, at times playing with color combinations that threaten to fall into the range of treacle, but usually pulling back from that and managing to restrain them in interesting, somewhat unorthodox compositions.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a dedicated website for Bykov, though again, I may be limited in my inability to search effectively in Russian.

I don’t normally link to Facebook pages, but in this case, this page, evidently not maintained by the artist himself, is the best source I could find for his paintings.

There is a video slideshow of his work on YouTube.


7 responses to “Viktor Bykov”

  1. Hi Charley:
    I did not find it neither. But I found two websites selling his paintings:

    I hope will be helpful.


  2. Wow, what unusual, but pleasantly quirky paintings. Actually, I think the odd colour combinations are surprisingly refreshing, or like stills from some animated movie perhaps. Interesting though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. love these paintings…the colors and technique reminds me of James Coleman’s work. I love how he created a path in every painting!

  4. Hmmm… At times his pushing of the color reminds me of animation scenery, not necessarily a bad thing. In fact his whole style seems to have a very “active” feeling that I can’t help but like.

    1. The thought that came to me was the invented color of Eyvnd Earle, who went from Disney background artist to gallery painter:

    1. Wonderful. Thank you, Andrey!

      For the benefit of other readers, click on the top one of the three links on that page to access the image gallery.