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Irena Roman
Irena Roman paints bright, crisp, transparent watercolors, both as illustrations and for gallery display.

She particularly excels at the challenge of portraying the play of light across, through and around transparent or translucent objects and their often complex shadows.

You can find a selection of her work on The iSpot, though the images a bit small to appreciate her nuanced handling of the medium.

Her blog has several larger images linked to some of the images in the posts. There is also a short bio on iSpot.

Roman’s work has been featured in publications like Splash: The Best of American Watercolor, Print and Communication Arts, and on the cover of Watercolor Magic magazine.

The image above, top, was just accepted into the 2012 American Watercolor Society’s Annual International Exhibition and she has been awarded Signature Membership status.


4 responses to “Irena Roman”

  1. Really like her GLASS!

  2. Hmmm….something to strive for and admire! I really love how, clear, light and crisp each piece is. Really lovely.

  3. Skillful- full of skill.

  4. Stumbled upon your blog a day or so ago, and I plan on returning often. This is just the kind of place I’m looking for and coincides with your reasons for doing it. Thanks!