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Anthony S. Waters

Anthony S. WatersAnthony S. Waters is a California based concept artist and illustrator who does work for the gaming industry. He has worked with companies like Sony On-Line, DNA Productions, Lucasfilm, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Hasbro, among others.

Waters works in both traditional and digital media, and often works with a bright palette, though at times almost monochromatically. His richly organic designs for environments and creatures seem at times to revel in convolutions of form, a feeling of graphic playfulness beneath their more dramatic surface.

I particularly enjoy his creature designs, in which he experiments with imaginative variations on subjects that can too often be formulaic.

His website has sections for Environments, Creatures, Characters, etc. and within each there are both finished work and sketches.

Waters also maintains a blog, contributes to Design-o-Matic and has a gallery on deviantART that has additional images.


5 responses to “Anthony S. Waters”

  1. Wow, oh man, Charley you are really spoiling us now !
    First look, I don`t know if I absolutely hate or love this work !!!!
    Will go have a coffee, calm down, and come back for another look 🙂

  2. Yeah this is some wildly fantastic work.
    I agree his creature designs avoid the usual formulaic too.

    I would also add his wonderful use of brighter saturated colors relate so well together, sometimes against deep rich colors… also avoiding the formulaic. Just look at those green and orange spaceships against the planet and the rich browns with bright color second image from top.

  3. He’s actually living in Western Washington now and has shaken the dust of SoCal off his shoes for the time being.

    He teaches an online course for a school located there but I cannot remember which one.

    Definitely worth checking out.


  4. Hey Charley, It looks fantastic. It’s a nice concept the using of water with traditional and digital media. Great job!

  5. Hi Tony,
    Art is interesting, must run in the family,


    Uncle Bob