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Kris Wiltse
Kris Wiltse is an illustrator and gallery artist based in Washington State.

In her illustration work she favors the unusual medium of block printing, working in linocut, woodcut and scratchboard.

Wiltse also works in watercolor for her gallery art and personal sketching, as well as for a secondary speciality in interpretive signs — informative location signage that depicts birds and other wildlife and flora in and around the area of Puget Sound.

Her website has galleries of each. The sketches and more finished watercolors have a nicely informal feeling, with fresh color and a sense of immediacy.

Her vibrant block print illustrations have served clients that include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Wired and Atlantic Monthly, among others.

Her site also includes video watercolor demonstrations.

In addition there are galleries of her illustration work on the site of her artist representatives, Morgan Gaynin, as well as Workbook and Directory of Illustration.

Wiltse also has a Flickr set of sketches and location drawings that is more extensive than the selection on her website. It also includes additional selections of her block prints and photos of her block print process.


3 responses to “Kris Wiltse”

  1. Wonderful work. I am particularly drawn to her block prints. She really has them nailed.

  2. Her block prints are so lively! They vibrate.

  3. These are just beautiful