Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic
Simon Dominic (who you will sometimes see referred to as Simon Dominic Brewer) is an English illustrator and concept artist.

Like many contemporary concept artists and illustrators working in the science fiction and fantasy vein, Simon works digitally, painting his compositions in Corel Painter and Art Rage Studio Pro (see my 2011 review of Art Rage 3 Studio Pro).

He makes a point of using the “natural media” characteristics of those tools (which emulate the effects of traditional media like oil, gouache, watercolor, etc.) to give his work a more painterly feel.

Dominic has a wonderfully eccentric imagination, with creatures and characters that step outside of the expected stereotypes. He often works with constrained color palettes and sharp value contrasts to give his compositions visual drama, and also makes excellent use of texture and atmospheric perspective.

Dominic’s work has been featured in a number of collections of digital and fantasy art, such as the Exposé series, the Fantasy Art Now books and Digital Art Masters.

As a promotion for Volume 5 of Digital Art Masters, the publishers extracted a chapter showcasing Dominic’s how-to for one of his digital paintings and made it available as a PDF so potential readers could sample the book. As of this writing, it’s still available here (click on the “Free Chapter!” banner at the bottom of the main image).

There is a 2011 interview with Dominic on Inside the Artist’s Studio.

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  1. Great illustrator – I love his work ! I really admire his skilled use of contrast and colour values, but most of all, his ability to offer an image that you want to know ” What`s going on ? “, and without crowding the scene, puts a great deal in there !
    Fantastic, thanks Charley 🙂

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