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Inspirations, M.C. Escher tribute by Cristóbal Vila
Inspirations is a beautifully realized and wonderfully conceived short CGI animated film by Cristóbal Vila.

It is a homage to the works of artist M.C. Escher, conceived as Vila’s fanciful imagining of the artist’s workspace, filled with objects that refer to aspects of Escher’s work

On his website, Etérea Studios, Vila provides information about the short, including stills and annotation about the sources of objects and concepts used in the film, and a page about the referenced artworks by other masters.

I particularly enjoy the highpoint of the piece, in which one of Escher’s images that suggests three dimensionality emerging from a flat surface, itself emerges from a flat surface.

Vila also created the beautiful short, Nature by Numbers, which I wrote about here.

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4 responses to “Inspirations”

  1. Caddisman Avatar

    Movement, color, light, music, beautifully done. I think Escher would be proud.

    I also really enjoyed seeing the Nature by Numbers work (missed your earlier post). Lately I have been studying the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers; fascinating merging of art, science, and mathematics.

    Thanks Charley,


  2. Wonderful. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Amazing, what I just learned thanks to lines and colors. Christobal Vila used the word bodegón for still life, but it means even more.
    The derivative term bodegón is an augmentative that refers to a large bodega, usually in a derogatory fashion. a bodegón is a still life
    – italian gallery: file:bodegon galizia. jpg , fede galizia (1578-1630), apples in a dish, (c. 1593)file:caravaggio basket of fruit.
    – bodegón: file:zurbaran – bodegon. jpg , bodegón or still life with pottery jars, by francisco de zurbarán . 1636, oil on canvas; 46 x 84 cm;
    – see bodegón for a description of one style of spanish still life painting. references : first pedro de , last madrazo , year 1872 , title
    – known as a painter of flowers and still life , known as bodegon es. he also painted scenography for performances at the theater of buen
    – sánchez cotán established the prototype of the spanish still life, called a bodegón , composed mainly of vegetables. characteristically,
    – in spain, this particular subject matter was termed bodegón and depicted in an austere gloomy style (tenebrismo). van der hamen was
    – at this time, velázquez was experimenting with the potential of the bodegon e, a form of painting which was frequently used to relate
    – others place it earlier, at some time between 1644-50, perhaps because certain aspects of its form and content recall the bodegon es
    – this small bodegón , reminiscent in its subdued colors and naturalistic composition to the work of the italian followers of caravaggio.

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