Bruce Jensen

Bruce Jensen
Presumably starting from sketchbook in which he playfully doodled out freeform alien creatures, Alien Menagerie is a blog in which illustrator Bruce Jensen is, in his words, “painting groovy things from another planet”.

Jensen’s wonderfully loopy creatures are usually painted in acrylic on watercolor paper, though at times on post-it notes, and are supplemented in the blog with pencil sketchbook drawings.

On his website, Jensen showcases some of his aliens in a section called “extracts”, as well as some more fully developed paintings of similar themes in acrylic on panel. Some of his 8×10″ acrylic on paper originals are for sale in his “shop” section.

In addition, Jensen’s website has a section of his professional illustration, with his art for the covers of many well-known science fiction novels, including his cover for Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, which is where I first encountered his work.

Jensen’s clients include Berkley Publishing, Bantam Spectra, Ballantine Del Rey, Penguin/Roc, Tor Books, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, among others. Jensen was for several years an art director and illustrator for the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes II, and continues to work for CBS as a designer and animator.

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