Eduardo Bajzek

Eduardo Bajzek
Eduardo Bajzek is an architectural illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. He is also an avid location sketcher and a member of the Urban Sketchers International and Urban Sketchers Brazil communities.

Though he also works in ink and pencil, when sketching on location Bajzek often works in markers, drawing/painting with them directly without preliminary line drawing in a method he calls “direct to colors”.

In this process he lays down areas of color and tone, gradually building up more detail and taking advantage of the transparency of some colors to build areas within areas.

Bajzek will be teaching this method in a Straight to colors workshop as part of the International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo, that runs from July 12-14, 2012.

On both his Flickr stream and his blog (in Portugese, Google Translate English here) you will find both finished commercial renderings and his loose painterly marker sketches, with more of the latter on the Urban Sketchers sites, along with some pieces in watercolor, graphite and ink. Bajzek also has a professional site (English version here) showcasing his architectural illustration.