Paul Bachem

Paul Bachem
Though I had encountered his work on the web previously and filed it away for a future post, I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with New York based artist Paul Bachem yesterday at the 2012 Wayne Plein Air Festival.

Bachem has a crisp style, with lots of attention to edges and a physically textural paint surface. His work also demonstrates a strong sense of composition, perhaps stemming in part from his long career as a successful illustrator.

On his website you will find a variety of his paintings, both current and archived. Unfortunately, the link to “An Illustration Portfolio” has not been extended into a gallery.

Bachem also maintains a blog, on which he discusses his painting experiences and posts current work.

Bachem’s plein air paintings will be on view as part of the Wayne Plein Air exhibit at the Wayne Art Center (in the Philadelphia area) until June 23, 2012.


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  1. Many thanks for your kind words Charley. I enjoyed speaking with you also. I’m off to see what’s wrong with the illustration link…didn’t know there was a problem there.

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