Jim Madsen

Jim Madsen
Jim Madsen is an illustrator based in Provo, Utah who works in children’s books, advertising and educational software.

Madsen has the kind delightfully springy and energetic style I usually associate with animation art, along with a sure sense of color and a clear faculty for narrative illustration.

I was particularly taken with his beautiful illustrations for The Crossing, written by Donna Jo Napoli (images above, top, third down, bottom two).

You will find those, along with more of his professional work, in his portfolio on the site of his artists’ rep, Shannon Associates. Madsen also has a professional portfolio on Directory of Illustration.

Madsen’s own blog serves more as a space for personal works an playful experimentation, including his “keeping in practice” images prompted by Illustration Friday topics (see my post on Illustration Friday).

The pieces on his blog are reproduced much larger than those in the other portfolios, allowing you to see his approach in greater detail.

[Suggestion courtesy of Jake Parker (see my 2005 post on Jake Parker)]

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  1. Does anyone know what medium he uses? Digital, oil? For being so amazing, there’s little info on him or his process on the internets.

  2. I have been friends with Jim for over 20 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his creativity, sure draftsmanship and sense of color. Some may also be surprised that every one of his layered and textured paintings are done entirely in Photoshop- including the sketch phase. He’s a very humble guy and given a compliment, he just says “thanks” and moves on, usually to talking about the work I am doing. I’m proud to have been able to rub elbows with Jim all these years.

  3. I have a book that he illustrated, A Night Without Darkness A Nephite Christmas

    I am interested in buying a copy of the last illustration in that book, an absolutely beautiful nativity scene

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