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Shelly Wan
Shelly Wan is an illustrator, concept artist and gallery artist who works both in digital and traditional media. She is currently an artist for Pixar and also does work for Magic: The Gathering as well as comic covers and book covers.

Originally from Guang Zhou, China, where she studied at the Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Arts, Wan came to the U.S. to study illustration at the Art Center College of Design in California.

Wan’s digital illustration has a luxuriously detailed and richly textural quality, drawing on influences from Art Nouveau and Victorian painting as well as pop culture and classic adventure illustration. Her compositions often have a wonderful sense of motion, leading your eye through sweepingly curved paths of value and color contrasts.

As far as I know, Wan doesn’t have a dedicated website, though she maintains a blog which often features work in progress, as well as articles on other art related subjects of interest.

For a selection of her professional work, look to her portfolio on Eidolon Fine Arts, which also features a gallery of her oil paintings, many of which are figure studies.

There is also a gallery of her work on, as well as selections on Gallery Nucleus and CGHub.

There is an article on ImagineFX, and interview on Last Man Standing, another on Irene Gallo’s The Art Department and a video convention interview (unfortunately in a noisy environment) on YouTube.


3 responses to “Shelly Wan”

  1. You can definitely see the Mucha inspiration. She’s definitely technically gifted but her illustrations are a little too busy.

    1. I wouldn’t judge her compositions by the very small reproductions here (or even on the Eidolon portfolio).

  2. I love her work! Beautiful stuff… Her color palette is so lush and appealing.