Shelby Keefe

Shelby Keefe
Shelby Keefe is another artist whose work I recently encountered at the Wayne Plein Air Festival just outside of Philadelphia.

Keefe is based in Milwaukee, where she maintains a studio and exhibition space. She works both on location and from her own reference photos for studio paintings.

She has a loose, blocky style, quick and efficient in capturing the essence of the scene before her. She works in oil over high chroma acrylic underpaintings, often allowing the bright colors of the underpainting to play through in her final compositions.

You’ll often hear of artists “smuggling reds” into their paintings in which the subject is largely green foliage, Keef, however, brandishes her underpainted reds with abandon. allowing them to add energy and vibration to her greens.

On her website you will find a slideshow presentation of both studio and plein air work, along with figurative pieces and information about her painting demonstrations, workshops and her other endeavors.


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  1. These are fantastic! Skating along the line between realism and impressionism. I have never heard of that technique before, of underpainting with a water-based paint under oil. She has some great results.

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