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Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2012

Gobelins students animations for Annecy 2012
Each year five teams of students from the graduating class of the Gobelins, l’école de l’image (Goeblins School of Communications) in Paris create short animations that are used as introductions to each day’s events at the Annecy International Festival of Animation, which is happening this week.

This year’s entries appear to have a theme relating to Ireland. As usual there is a high level of imagination and craft coming from the graduating class at Gobelins, always a good sign for the state of hand drawn animation.

In the interface that shows thumbnails of the animations, click on each for links to the animation itself. Though the descriptions are in French, the animations are wordless. (If you need more info, try Google Translate.)

In the interface above the thumbnails there are three drop-down menus. Use the one on the right to choose the date for previous years’ sets of Annecy animations.

(Images above, names of animations: Hurley’s Irish, The Line, Holy Sheep, Matches, Beyond the Sea – see credits on the site for the teams of creators)