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Eye Candy for Today: Rijckaert

Landscape with Satyrs, attributed to Marten Rijckaert. In the National Gallery, London.

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  1. The Ryckaert family
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Their surname suggests that the family is well off or very rich.
    The Ryckaert or Rijckaert family of Antwerp, Belgium, produced several Flemish painters during the late sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries.
    David Ryckaert I, 1560 – 1607. Little is known of his career. Two of his sons by his wife Catherine Rem were professional painters.
    David Ryckaert II, 1586 – 1642; eldest son of David I. One of the students of David II, Gonzales Coques, married his teacher’s daughter Catherine Ryckaert in 1643.
    Martin, Marten or Maerten Ryckaert, 1587 – 1631; second son of David I. Anthony Van Dyck painted portraits of both brothers, David II and Martin, Marten or Maerten.

    David Ryckaert III, 1612 – 1661; son of David II, grandson of David I, nephew of Martin, Marten or Maerten. David III is generally considered the most prominent and artistically significant of the family’s artists.

  2. Belgium is incorrect, as it was The Southern Netherlands, also called the Catholic Netherlands, that were part of the Low Countries controlled by Spain (1556–1714).
    I’m sorry, but history is not my forte.

    1. Thanks for the links and info, Aelle.

  3. After a long period of contemplating I decided I could not omit the fact that Maerten Ryckaert
    due to a birth defect, had only one arm, which is not uncommon. It could have happened to any of us, since all pregnancies are at risk for 2% of birth defects.

  4. Utterly lovely drawings. The air in them is damp, sweet and palpable.