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D Eleinne Basa

D Eleinne Basa
D Eleinne Basa is a painter from New Jersey whose landscapes and florals can range from refined, as in her large studio paintings, to nicely rough edged and painterly, as in her plain air paintings. Her approach likewise can vary from softly tonalist to more straightforwardly realist.

I was immediately impressed by Basa’s painting Fall’s Approach (above, top) a large (30×40″, 76x100cm) and striking work that I had a chance to see in person recently. It’s one of those paintings that invites you to walk into it, but simultaneously exhibits a painterly surface.

Her painting Afternoon Light (second down) was awarded first place in Plein Air Magazine’s 2012 Annual Plein Air Online Salon.

I particularly enjoy the way she works with the play of late evening or early morning light as it cuts across some of her compositions, revealing form and color in intermittent shafts.


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  1. Randall Imai Avatar
    Randall Imai


  2. gorgeous!

  3. Wow, very, very nice lighting… sending an email home to check her web site later.

    Nothing like starting the day with a quick swing by ol’ Charlie Parker’s Lines and Colors to help inspire you to do art work – way – later – on after the work day, family time, and putting the little one to bed, and you’re ready to drop yourself…

    As always, Thank you very much Charlie.


    1. Always happy if i can inspire someone to do more artwork! Thanks, mike.