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Bendito Machine

Bendito Machine, Jossie Malis and Zumbakamera
Bendito Machine (blessed machine) is a series of nicely realized fantastical animations created by Jossie Malis, produced by Zumbakamera and animated by Malis and Pau Martinez.

This is a series of animations, done primarily and very effectively in sihlouette, of which the most recent and by some degree the most entertaining, is Bendito Machine IV – Fuel the Machines (Vimeo link).

It’s about a man who, um… takes a ride — several, in fact.

I don’t think you lose anything by viewing that one first and then going back to the others.

[Via Annalee Newitz on io9]


One response to “Bendito Machine”

  1. A little nonsensic but splendid work.