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Roos Schuring
The landscape in the Netherlands, particularly in the lowlands, is largely sky.

This seems to suit contemporary Dutch plein air painter Roos (pronounced like “Rose”) Schuring just fine.

She loves to portray cloud filled skies of all kinds. Though she paints in all weather and conditions, she finds particular magic in the dramatic skies just before and after storms.

This is evident in her recent seascapes, in which the coast of the Netherlands seems to readily accommodate her preference for skies full of roiling clouds, rich with subtle colors and value changes.

Looking back through her blog, you will also find subjects like rows of farmed flowers, fields, livestock and streams.

In particular, she returns often to the same water meadow and paints it in different light and atmospheric conditions, a practice favored by Monet and Pissarro, and one I particularly enjoy. You can also see the tradition of cloud studies from sources like Constable’s oil sketches, and of course, the great Dutch landscape painters.

Schuring lets her thick, textural brushstrokes add a physical dimension to her portrayal of cloud forms, and her “gray” skies have a wonderful variety of depth and color.

There are a few videos of Schuring painting on location. Though they are unfortunately not professionally filmed they still show her working methods and give a closer view of her painting’s surface than the smaller images on her blog.

Schuring has a website in addition to her blog, but it serves mainly as a source of links to her other sites. Most of the images of her work are on her blog. There are additional images on her Facebook page, and in galleries on the Daily Paintworks site and the Fine Art America site.

She teaches workshops specifically in seascaping in The Netherlands.

It seems that many contemporary plein air painters are disappointed when the skies are overcast or threaten rain, but for Roos Shruring, that’s ideal painting weather.


15 responses to “Roos Schuring”

  1. Wow! So inspiring, and I love finding out about someone I didn’t know of…

  2. Some very nice landscapes there. Thanks for sharing those.

  3. aashish Avatar

    Great stuff!!

  4. mar selderijk-box Avatar
    mar selderijk-box

    Roos Schuring is the first Lady of PlainAir painting in Holland.
    We are very glad and sooo proud of her.

    When you are in a bad mood, look at her paintings and your worries and sorrows will be reduce! Sorry for my English., but I’m sure you understand!

    1. Thanks, mar. We understand, and agree. (Your English is very good, just add a “d” for “reduced”.)

  5. Bill Sharp Avatar
    Bill Sharp

    I love Roos Schuring’s work. Thanks for this article.

    BTW, Roos has written an article for the latest issue of the online magazine “Artists On Art”

  6. beautiful. peaceful. introspective.

    love the cool blues, whites, greys.


  7. Roos Schuring Avatar
    Roos Schuring

    Thank you very much Charles Parker!!

  8. Thanks for sharing-she is class!!!! I just love her work!!!

  9. W.Bissky Avatar

    I have bookmarked your site and visit it often. The images combined with your techniique is absolutely masterful. Although the setting is different , the vastness and drama of your skies set against a never ending horizon is deeply reminiscent to me of my youth on the Canadian prairies. Thank-you for sharing your gift.

  10. Hi roos. I am not sure where I went or what I did but I have some videos sent be you on my e-mail. The problem is I am missing the first one. I have 2 to 8 . I haven’t started looking at them yet because I don’t have the first and I don’t know what I did to get them. Can you help me. I am very eager to give them a look Your art is lovely…

    1. Rhonda,

      Roos Schuring is unlikely to see your comment here. Contact her directly through her website:

  11. Pite Mogoje - SA Avatar
    Pite Mogoje – SA

    Good afternoon
    I am interested in this course.
    What i need to know is – can i be able to paint the Skies and Clouds on a ceiling?
    I am not doing Paint work too frequently but I am very interested in this Coures.

    1. Pite,
      Roos Schuring will not see your comment here. See her website for information about courses. You will find her email address on this page, through which you can contact her directly with questions.

  12. Hi Roos Do you ever visit the uk I think you have a great energy and a good attitude ..very honest. We have the same coat.