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Todd M. Casey
New York based artist Todd M. Casey is originally from Massachusetts, and credits his background with developing his attraction to still life subjects that have a feeling of history and suggest a narrative.

Casey worked for a time as a graphic designer in New York. While beginning studies in animation at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, discovered a love of painting that led him back to New York where he has studied with at the Water Street Atelier of Jacob Collins, as well as independently with Max Ginsburg, Camie Davis and Carlos Madrid.

On Casey’s website and blog you will find figures and portraits, both drawings and paintings, in various stages or finish, along with his beautifully composed still life subjects, as well as preliminary studies for many of them, though not always together as I’ve shown here. (I always find comparing studies to finished paintings fascinating.)

I particularly like the way he works with lighting and the play of shadows in his still life arrangements. There are also some landscape studies and sketches.

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You can also find a gallery of Casey’s work on Cavalier Galleries.

Cavalier Galleries