Franco Matticchio

Franco Matticchio
As far as I can tell, Italian illustrator , cartoonist and gallery artist Franco Matticchio doesn’t have a dedicated web presence, but his friend, designer Laura Ottina, has been regularly been posting examples of his wonderful illustrations on her blog, Animalarium (link is a general search for posts related to Matticchio).

In addition, Ottina maintains a Flickr set of Matticchio’s work.

There is also a nice post on 50 Watts, and a selection on Galleria dell’Incisione.

Matticchio has worked for numerous publications and, in 1994, produced the storyboards and final drawings for the opening credits of Roberto Benigni’s film Il Monstro (The Monster, French version of credits on YouTube).

Matticchio illustrations are wonderfully drawn, delightfully whimsical and have the kind of thought provoking twists often associated with New Yorker covers, though as far as I know he only done one of those.

There are several collections of his drawings, Dreams and drawings, Pflip and Trilogy of Mr. Ouch, and a number of books for which he has provided illustrations.

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  1. When I saw the illustrations, I immediately thought of the New Yorker without reading the connection. True test of being iconic. His whimsy style counterbalances well the often serious and heavy New Yorker articles.

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