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Patrick Faulwetter

Patrick Faulwetter concept art
Originally from Germany, Patrick Faulwetter is a concept artist who started with an interest in architecture that then then shifted into automotive design and led him to work with the Volkswagen and Audi Design Center in California.

He later moved into concept design for the entertainment industry, and his film credits include Priest, GI Joe 2: Retaliation and Bryan Singer’s Jack and the Giant Killer and his clients include Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rythm and Hues and Imagi.

His website showcases his professional work and is divided into sections for Design, Environments, Concept and design challenges. The Environments section is the one in which you will find the most images (note the small link below the thumbnails to the second page).

Faulwetter has a wonderful faculty for conveying scale and atmospheric perspective, as well as superb control of limited palettes and dramatic lighting.

Faulwetter also maintains a blog called Sketchpat, on which he has posted some concept sketches, but his most recent posts, and the majority of the images on the blog, are digital location paintings, painted en plein on a laptop computer with a small pressure sensitive tablet.

I was going to include someof his digital location sketches here, but I was so impressed with them that I decided to make them the subject of a separate post.