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Rhafael Aseo

Vincent Rhafael Aseo
Vincent Rhafael Aseo is an illustrator and designer based in Makati, Phillippines.

After graduating from the Asia Pacific College school of Multimedia Arts, he worked with companies like BoNa Coffee Company, Sujivana, Onyx Web Wizards, Bohemian Trading Co and Freespeech Publications, and is currently taking on freelance assignments.

Aseo works in vector illustration, creating pieces that are alternately simple and complex, colorful and almost monochromatic.

He often incorporates design elements into his illustrations, with both natural and abstract forms providing both background and foreground additions, but always with a strong primary focus and skillful path for the eye.

He uses adjoining areas of subtle gradation within his vector shapes to both suggest form and give a crisp graphic feeling to his portraits and other faces.

In addition to his website, Aseo has a blog and several other web presentations of his work. I’ve listed several below, but you will find additional pages linked from his site.