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Edward Robert Hughes

Though it's acceptance among critics and collectors was slow, the influence of the revolution of French Impressionism on other artists, and the spread of that impact to other countries in Europe and elsewhere was dramatic.

In Slovenia, several artists picked up on the bright broken color, lively impasto application of paint and freedom from academic restraints that characterized the new direction in painting. Notable among the was Ivan Grohar.

Grohar was orphaned at an early age and left in poverty, and though his abilities eventually enabled him to study art, his life and career were marked by difficulty. He gained the respect of his fellow artists, however and left a legacy of noteworthy paintings after his untimely death from terberculosis oin his mid forties.

He started his career as a painter of religious subjects, moved into a form of realism and then into his later style that showed the influence of Imprssionism.

He is known particularly for images like “The Sower” (image above, top).

There is an Ivan Grohar Gallery at the Loski Museum in Ljubljana.


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  1. Third from the top – These fellows are stuffing wool into large bags – a wooly business if you get my drift. Wonderful image. The freedom of expression in his use of color, especially in this one), truly amaze me.