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The Movie Titles Stills Collection

The Movie Titles Stills Collection

The Movie Titles Stills Collection.

What a treasure trove this is for those who love:
• movies
• design
• typography
• and (to a lesser extent) illustration.

Designer Christian Annyas has assembled a collection of still images of movie titles, from the 1920’s to the present. Though far from complete (how could it be?), the collection is extensive and growing.

The movies are arranged by decades, and within that, by year. Note that the first set of decade links is page top, above the main heading, and the second below; there are separate links for sub-collections of film noir, westerns, and recent updates.

It’s also easy to miss the fact that within a given decade, the listings are usually divided into two pages, for the first and second half of the decade, and the only links for navigating between those is at the bottom of the pages.

These are long (long) scrolling pages full of images. Let them load and keep scrolling down.

Many, though not all, are linked to pages with larger images, and in some cases additional stills of ending titles. Most have Amazon links to purchase the films.

I love the way titles for the first color films start to appear in the 1930’s, and color and black and white films are interspersed into the 1950’s.

The quality of the titles takes a distinct hit in the second half of the 20th century (with a low point, like movies themselves, in the 1970’s). In fact many of the titles from the 1970’s to the present look like tossed off afterthoughts, in sharp contrast to the highly valued and marvelously designed titles of the first half of the century.

Time Sink Warning.

[Via Francis Vallejo]


3 responses to “The Movie Titles Stills Collection”

  1. What a great site! Yeah… time sink… dang it!
    I like these posts on design collections, like your earlier post on orange crate labels. Another sub-genre within the design world that is not taken as seriously as it once was as you said.
    I have always loved typography, when it is good, and seeing these all in one place gives me an even greater appreciation for it.

    Interesting to note that in its hey day the type filled the screen and the choice of typeface or font better reflected the movie itself.
    You can see the love for the craft in the designs.
    Not as much today with some exceptions of course.

    The only thing that comes to mind with the same love (and variety) for type/graphics/illustration combined design these days is wine and beer bottle labels, especially small wineries and breweries.
    Perhaps there is a site out there somewhere collecting them.

    1. Great design and typography are out there, they’re just not that visible in the major corporate stuff we’re exposed to the most. You Idea about craft beer labels and/or wine labels is a good one — thanks.

  2. … well not the only thing, as evidenced by your recent post on Aaron Horkey.
    Maybe it’s just the corporate world that has given up.