Art Nouveau Windows

Art Nouveau Windows
Art Nouveau was a movement that encompassed more than visual art, extending into packaging design, decorative arts and architecture. Art Nouveau artists, designers and architects wanted to beautify the world. In some small part, at least, they succeeded.

A Russian language LiveJournal blog post by an individual identified as “marinni” titled (as close as I can get with Google Translate) “Windows in the Art Nouveau Style and the mystery of Moscow Windows” is loaded with photographs of glorious Art Nouveau style windows and building facades from various cities in Europe.

There are links at the bottom of the post (before the comments) to Flickr sets, presumably from which the images were drawn.

Can you imagine if this architectural movement had taken hold, and buildings like these defined our cities, instead of the Bauhaus boxes that rise in their stead?

[Via the always alert to visual wonders author of BibliOdyssey, by way of Twitter.]


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  1. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your blog? Today’s posts were great. I respect your explanations and always learn so much, i.e., pre-raphaelites. I also enjoy peacay’s blog too. It’s a lot of work to blog like you do and I just have to let you know how much I appreciate it.

  2. I you want to see where that last sentence would lead to, you should check the work of the Belgian comic book artists “Schuiten en Peeters”, with their series of books “the obscure cities” (cités obscures) and Urbicande. Like in the book “Samaris”.

  3. Thanks, rene, an excellent thought. I’ve long been a fan of Schuiten and he has long been on my list for a post (some take me longer than others to get to).

    BTW, I like your watercolor sketches, in particular the most recent ones.

    Other readers can view rene fijten’s watercolors on his blog.

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