Little Nemo in Google Land

Little Nemo in Google Land
Google is celebrating the 107th anniversary of the debut of Winsor McCay’s comics masterpiece, Little Nemo in Slumberland with a wonderfully done interactive tribute on the Google landing page at

(Click on the small downward pointing arrow below the image on the Google page to advance.)

This will, of course, be replaced tomorrow, but Google usually archives their Google Doodles, and I’ll try to link to the archived version when it’s up. I’m still looking for credits for who drew, animated and coded the Doodle.

[Addendum: Here is the archived version of the Little Nemo in Google Land Google Doodle. Unfortunately, it’s constrained in a frame because of the design of the archive, you can get a better view on this page, broken out of the frames.

Reader Ben was kind enough to let me know that the Doodle was drawn by illustrator and professional Google Doodler Jennifer Hom. There is a full size static image of the final and a preliminary sketch on her blog.]

See my previous posts on Winsor McCay and Google Doodles.

[Via Wired’s GeekMom]

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