How to Ship Paintings on red dot blog

How to Ship Paintings on red dot blog
Jason Horejs is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In addition to running the gallery, Horejs provides art marketing advice from the point of view of a gallery owner — some of it dispensed freely through his red dot blog (named, if you didn’t catch it, for the small red dots that traditionally indicate sold paintings in galleries), and some in a book, “Starving” to Sccessful, that is available through the blog.

His latest entry on the blog is How to Ship Paintings: A Step-by-Step Guide for Artists and Galleries, in which he gives a detailed and painstaking approach to protecting paintings and other two dimensional art from the terrors of the shipping process.

In addition to packing, Horejs covers topics like carrier policies and insurance, as well as things to avoid (like packing peanuts).

From the article:

Don’t Allow Bubble Wrap to Come in Direct Contact with Your Art

Recently we received a painting the artist wrapped using only bubble wrap. As I mentioned above, bubble wrap is great for padding your art in transit, but it should not come in direct contact with the art.

When we unwrapped the painting we could see that the bubble had stuck to the varnish. Removing it left an imprint of the bubble wrap on the surface of the entire painting. From certain angles you could see the perfectly spaced imprints of the bubbles. We had to have the artwork re-varnished before we could present it to a client who had already purchased it.

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  1. Bookmarked.
    “…terrors of the shipping process.” LOL
    I heard the same story on bubble wrap from a local gallery, the artist varnished and shipped the same day, yikes.

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