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Eye Candy Extra: Hendrix by Moebius

Aalternate Jimi Hendrix album cover by Jean Giraud (Moebius)
An alternate Jimi Hendrix album cover by Jean Giraud (Moebius), who was fascinated with Hendrix and portrayed him multiple times.

Hendrix would have been 70 today.

That makes me feel weird for some reason, but I can’t remember why…


6 responses to “Eye Candy Extra: Hendrix by Moebius”

  1. I once painted his Band of gypsies album cover in a still life lying on a wood floor next to a dark blue saucer full of cigarette butts and ashes.
    Thanks for remembering Jim, Charley.

  2. I don’t think that Moebius was “fascinated” with Hendrix. Well, I did not read anything about this fascination but I may be wrong. This cover was a command of the french retailer of Hendrix LP’s (not sure of the term, sorry) – Druillet made one too. As usual, Moebius used a photography for the face of Hendrix – they were given to him by the retailer (Druillet did the same).
    Some years after, the photograph JN Coghe decided to sue Moebius for the non authorized utilisation of his work. He met Moebius at this occasion and they decided to work together instead of fighting and Moebius created the serie of drawings based on Coghe photographies – see them -sorry for eventual copyrights.
    As I know, Moebius was not a great rock fan, he prefered jazz music.

    1. Thanks, Li-An.

      I suggest that Moebius was fascinated with Hendrix because in addition to the ones in you link, he did several other images of the musician that I’m aware of. Also, I am a Hendrix fan, and Giraud’s portrayals seem to capture some of the feeling of his music. However, it may simply have been Hendrix’s physical appearance that he found interesting.

  3. I suppose Hendrix’s universe and sense of improvisation was interesting for Moebius.

    1. That’s a good thought; there is a feeling of exploration, invention and freedom of expression in the work of both.

  4. Shelly Dildey Avatar
    Shelly Dildey

    Years ago (10, maybe?) I bought Hendrix’s Voodoo Soup in a used store and it had this on its cover. So cool. Thanks for a delightfully serendipitous discovery.