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Erik Tiemens and Terry Miura at Holton Studio Gallery

Erik Tiemens, top five, Terry Miura, bottom six
Sometimes I wish that flying from the east coast to the west coast was more convenient; if it was, I might be tempted to fly out to San Francisco just to see this show of small works by two painters I’ve featured previously on Lines and Colors, Erik Tiemens and Terry Miura.

I’ve commented on Tiemens’ beautiful gouache paintings. I also particularly enjoy his obvious enthusiasm for the great landscape painters from the 16th through 19th centuries, and his skillful use of dark tones in landscape, the striking qualities of which are often missed in tendency of many modern landscape painters to draw their inspiration mostly from the French Impressionists forward.

Tiemens has recently been working in oil more than in the past. I have to say that I was surprised to read the dimensions on some of his recent small oils, as they appear in reproduction to be larger in scale than they actually are.

Terry Miura’s lineage is more directly in the vein of the California landscape painters of the turn of the 20th Century. His vibrant portrayals of the California countryside and seaside are rendered with a painterly economy of notation and keen attention to atmosphere.

The show, titled New California Landscapes, is at the Holton Studio Gallery in Emeryville, CA. They gallery has provided a nice Picasa set of included works.

Unfortunately, other than that the gallery does a poor job of promoting the show, or the gallery itself for that matter, on their website, which is focused instead on their primary role as frame makers (I will say, however, that the frames look exceptional). There in no dedicated information page about the show or even notice of how long it runs, only a brief mention on the gallery page with a link to the Picasa set.

I do know that the show opens this Saturday, December 1, 2012, with a reception for the artists from 4 to 6pm.

[Addendum: Tim Holton has been kind enough to let me know that the show runs through January. Also the Holton Studio website is being rebuilt, and promises to showcase both the gallery and future shows to much better advantage.]

There is also, to the gallery’s credit, an additional selection of works from both Tiemens and Miura, as they are both represented by the gallery on an ongoing basis.

You can find additional images by the artists on their websites and blogs (listed below).

Tiemens has highlighted a selection of his work from the show on his blog. The images are linked to even larger versions that show some of the wonderful brushwork and textural qualities in his small oils and the one gouache piece that appears to be in the show (above, fifth down).

Miura has featured works from the show in two posts on his blog, here and here, the images for which are also linked to larger versions in which you can see Miura’s crisp paint handling and rich color. In Miura’s images you can also see the custom framing by Tim Holton, that is, according to Miura’s comments, crafted specifically to suit each individual work.

Either of these painters would be interesting enough to recommend a show of their work, together this should be a treat.

(Images above: Erik Tiemens, top five, Terry Miura, bottom six)


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  1. Andrea Rothe Avatar
    Andrea Rothe

    Jeanne and I liked the paintings very much, and we want to come by on Dec. 11 to see it. It is always very impressive and beautiful what you do with the frames, and the intuitive way of adapting the wood grain to the individual painting. The carving beautifully follows the rhythm of brushwork. Andrea Rothe