Daniel Merriam

Daniel Merriam
Originally from Maine, Daniel Merriam paints fantastical characters and intricate scenes of imagined architecture, as well as children’s fantasy-tinged themes of trees and moons with faces, bizarre creatures and elaborate tableaux of all of them together.

His fantasized takes on Victorian architecture are at times ornate to the point of the Baroque. He often casts his compositions in almost monochromatic ranges of color, allowing his hues variety only within a narrow range, and using value and textural contrasts to compose the image.

At times his works take on the semi-diensional character of a diorama or bas-relief, some seeming like a stage set from a dream.

On the artist’s website you will find galleries originals, latest releases, limited editions and books. In the Limited Editions section, be aware that there are several pages, accessed from small numbered links above the thumbnail area.

When you hover over images you see a larger version that can be accessed in a pop-up window by clicking on the image.

Merriam works in watercolor. I would have assumed form the look of the work in these small reproductions that he also used gouache, but in this reprinted article by Daniel Fallon from Watercolor Magic, Merriam indicates that he works in transparent watercolor.

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  1. Eeeeeeeeee! You should have heard me when this came up in my reader! I just left you a comment earlier about Daniel! I just discovered his work a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it! I think I’ll be making quite a few trips down to Laguna to stand in front of his giclee prints! Thanks for this post! :D

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