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Dorian Vallejo
Dorian Vallejo is a portrait painter based in New Jersey. Though he sometimes sets his portraits in the more traditional toned or textured plain background, he often creates a kind of portrait that I particularly enjoy, with the subjects in background settings that are in some way relevant to the their personality.

In particular, his portraits in landscape settings are nicely evocative of time and place, giving the portrait a context that would be otherwise missing from a plain background.

His website includes a range of his portrait approaches, as well as a variety of subjects, from children to families to more formal professional settings.

There is also a selection of Sketches. These range from sketches in pencil and charcoal to more finished drawings to oil sketches. The oil sketches are much more free and informal than the finished paintings, and have a very different appeal.

There is also a selection he titles “Intimate Portraits“. These, as well as related life drawings, are done in very loose, gestural applications of mixed media (images above, bottom four).

A number of the life drawings have been collected in a book: Drawings: Inspired by Life, and there is a separate website devoted to them. This site has a more extensive selection, and though they are displayed somewhat small, they are in a zoomable interface.

Vallejo is the son of renowned fantasy artist and illustrator Boris Vallejo. He studied illustration at Parsons and the School of Visual Arts in New York and traveled and studied in Europe before devoting his attention to portraiture.

[Suggestion courtesy of Kelly Houghton]

[Note: some of the drawings on the “Drawings from Life” site could be considered NSFW.]


2 responses to “Dorian Vallejo”

  1. judith werkstell Avatar
    judith werkstell

    a long time ago i fell in love with one of your pieces and didn’t act on it. i wonder if you know what happened to it or if it is pictured in a book or online somewhere. the title is ‘serenity’.

  2. Sorry for the delay Judith. A friend of mine just sent me your comment this morning. That piece was bought roughly around the time you saw it. I’m pretty sure I have a photo of it though.
    On the other hand, I’ll be revealing a whole direction in my career with new paintings at Arcadia gallery in New York, Oct 17th, 2013.