Ocean Quigley

Ocean Quigley
Ocean Quigley is a painter, sculptor and art director living in Oakland, CA.

Quigly has been art director on a number of well known games, including the new SimCity, for which you can see some rather striking CGI renders on his blog.

These, in addition to looking at times more like tilt-shift photography than CGI, are nicely art directed, with a balance between naturalism and eye candy, and warm and cool colors, that likely comes from Quigley approaching the layouts as landscapes, judged with a painter’s eye.

You will also find examples of Quigley’s paintings on his blog, which you can sort out by following his tags for painting and more specific categories like still life, figurative and, in particular landscape painting.

It’s in the latter category in which I find a series of paintings with a similar theme that I particularly enjoy, in which he portrays those characteristically Californian crenelated hills and the play of late evenking or early morning light sweeping horizontally through them.

The blog also features works in progress and step-through process of his paintings. You can also find a more condensed gallery of his paintings on Quigley’s website.

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