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Andrew Borg
Andrew Borg is a artist based in Malta, where he portrays that island nation’s Mediterranean sunlight in bright plein air watercolors.

You can see in his approach his admiration for watercolor masters like John Singer Sargent.

On Borg’s website you will find his portrayals of Malta’s dramatic rocky landscapes, formal gardens, sunlit streets, churches, and coastlines. You will also find some interpretive works and portrayals of other places in the Mediterranean and Europe.

In addition there are sections of drawings in charcoal from life and traditional casts.

There is an additional portfolio of his work in Artmajeur, where the originals are for sale.


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  1. Grace Kennedy Avatar
    Grace Kennedy

    Hi, I like ur paintings. I like to meet with great artist in different countries I dont mind meeting with ’em. I’m Grace Kennedy, from Nigeria. I’m an artist, I was born with it. I can actually sketch anything, I never studied it in school, or anywhere,it just my talent. But I want to study it in school to know more.So I like meeting with great artist to get inspired and learn more about art. I hope to hear from u soon.