Delbert Gish

Delbert Gish
Delbert Gish is an American painter who received his master of fine arts degree from the University of Idaho, but went on from there to study with late 20th century and contemporary masters Sergei Bongart, David Leffel, Harvey Dinnerstein, Burton Silverman and Nelson Shanks.

The legacy of his study with those painters is reflected in his subtle and beautifully balanced still life, incisive portraits and crisp, fresh landscapes. His figurative work and landscapes are often from his travels in Russia, India and Rwanda.

I have been unable able to find a dedicated website of blog for Gish, but his work can be seen on the site of the Mockingbird Gallery, Art Spirit Gallery and others I’ve linked below


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  1. Gish is so right when he states: “I think that above all else students should be making an effort to paint what they see, to put a lot of effort into just seeing, and to master the fundamentals.”
    His work is fab.

  2. Wow, I love his flower still lifes – they have such an effortless elegance, colors and brushwork are strong and sensual but don’t overpower the composition. Wonderful, skillful work.

    The figurative pieces for me don’t have the same balance, but they have an intersting snapshot quality – like you just turn your head and there they are – which gives them an authentic but strangely un-artistic feel (if this is a word)

  3. Hi Del.
    You probably won’t remember me but you knew my mother, Carol Hansen Mills. She and your wife were great friends at one time. I remember being about 2 or 3 and holding your new born baby, my first experience with this.
    My mother has 2 of your early paintings – both are water colors. One is in blues and browns and of a forest. The other is of a boat and dock.
    I am wondering if there is a market for these early paintings and who I would contact.
    I absolutely love the work I’ve seen online.

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