Aaron Schuerr

Aaron Schuerr
Aaron Schuerr portrays the mountains, streams and woodlands of his adopted home of Montana in both oil and pastel.

His plein air works show a subtle appreciation for the fleeting effects of light, and his painterly approach demonstrates a keen awareness of the importance of edges. Though mountains are his most frequent subject, I particularly enjoy his compositions that include small streams and rivers.

When viewing the sections of work on his website for both available and archived work be aware that there are multiple pages for each, accessed from small linked dots at the bottom of the pages. yon can find additional examples of his work on his blog, and on the websites of galleries in which he is represented (listed below).

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  1. wow…his paintings are amazing!! i’m with you, his stream paintings are gorgeous (especially that first one!)and make me feel like i’m right there in that setting!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings…I love to paint in oils and am inspired by your ability and creative treatment of your scenes.The colors are magic! When and where are your next lectures?

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