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Per Haagensen

Per Haagensen
Per Haagensen is a Norwegian concept artist and illustrator based in Oslo.

He appears to work primarily digitally in Photoshop. Other than that, I know little. His own website is not yet launched, and there isn’t much background information on the site of his artists’ rep, Shannon Associates or on his CG SOciety portfolio.

There are, however, a good number of images that display his forceful, representationally detailed style, in which lighting, color and mood are accompanied by a subtle range of textures.

When looking through his portfolio on the Shannon Associates site, be aware that you can click on the large image at right for an even larger image in a pop-up.

I particularly enjoyed his modernized take on Raphael’s School of Athens (image above, bottom).


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  1. Per Øyvind Haagensen, who are you?