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Ed Binkley (update)

Ed Binkley
It’s been a while since I checked in on fantasy and concept artist Ed Binkley, so I thought I’d pull back the deep forest undergrowth and see what’s happening under the leaves.

The good news is that Binkley has posted additional images to his blog and his Holy-Men and Monsters gallery.

Binkley’s wonderfully textural evocations of fantasy subjects may carry echoes of Golden Age illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Victorian faerie artists like Richard Dadd and John Anster Fitzgerald, and perhaps a touch of contemporaries like Jean-Baptiste Monge, but Binkley is, if you’ll excuse the expression, in his own world.

I consistently admire his ability to balance intricate detail with atmospheric open passages, as well as his striking use of value and texture contrasts to lead the eye and suggest layers of depth.


3 responses to “Ed Binkley (update)”

  1. I really enjoy Ed’s work and would always love to see more. He teaches too so he’s ultra-cool.

  2. Lovely, lovely work!

  3. Wonderful work. Thanks, Charley.