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Herbert James Draper

Herbert James Draper
Herbert James Draper was a late Victorian / early 20th century artist who specialized for much of his career in mythological subjects.

His most famous painting, The Lament for Icarus (above, top with detail) is in the Tate (high-resolution version on Google Art Project and Wikimedia Commons).

Earlier in his career he was an illustrator. As the popularity of his mythological and literary subjects, and his classical Victorian approach to painting, waned in his later career, he turned more to portraiture.

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2 responses to “Herbert James Draper”

  1. I saw The Lament for Icarus recently. It is a gorgeous painting. Icarus hung next to another painting that took my breath away (and I do not use big words easily), Solomon Solomon’s Eve.
    The girl sitting on a rock (in third painting t-d) was one of Draper’s favourite models. She appearead again in the same pose, in painting “By Summer Seas”.

  2. Pepe Aguilar Avatar
    Pepe Aguilar

    Hi! Does anyone know what paints (and combos) Draper used for skin tones? Thank you!