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Month: April 2013

  • Kevin Sloan

    Kevin Sloan’s paintings reflect his interest in natural history, narrative painting, allegory, magic realism and the often underrated painting approach of John James Audubon, as well as Audubon’s subject matter. In carefully composed and deftly rendered arrangements of everyday objects, landscape elements and in particular, birds, Sloan opens windows into staged moments that seem a…

  • Eye Candy for Today: Gibson’s jurors

    Studies In Expression. When Women Are Jurors, Charles Dana Gibson Beautifully confident pen and ink by a master. This large version of the image is on a Russian site called Artscroll, which features a list of additional Gibson images.

  • Thomas Millie Dow

    Scottish artist Thomas Millie Dow, active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, traveled and painted subjects in The US, Franc, Morocco and Italy, as well as in the UK. I came across his painting Trees, above, top, and was fascinated by it. Unfortunately, I can’t find many examples of his work on the…

  • Ming Fan

    Ming Fan (or “fanming” as he is sometimes credited) is a Chinese concept artist and illustrator based in Shanghai. He specializes in environments — fantastical imaginary landscapes and cityscapes. He renders them in lavish detail, often creating compositions in which there is a primary focal point along with two or more secondary areas of interest…

  • Eye Candy for Today: Corot’s oaks

    Fontainebleau: Oak Trees at Bas-Bréau, Camille Corot In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click “Fullscreen” and use zoom controls or download arrow.

  • Draw Mix Paint

    Mark Carder, the well regarded painter and portraitist who I profiled in a previous post, at one point participated in and lent his name to a series of instructional painting videos known as “The Carder Method”. These sold for over $100, and were for a time heavily promoted. Carder is no longer associated with the…