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Tomislav Tomić

Tomislav Tomic
Tomislav Tomić is an illustrator from Croatia whose illustrations carry influences of both Golden Age illustration and Renaissance printmaking.

Tomić works with technical pens (Rotring Isographs), adding color for some pieces with colored inks, watercolor and occasionally acrylics.

There is a recent feature on his tools on The Tools Artists Use, which is where I encountered his work.

In addition to the portfolio on his website, you can find additional examples of his work on Arena Illustration.


3 responses to “Tomislav Tomić”

  1. Another great introduction, Charley! I like his work. The 5th one down (roster and frog) brings to mind Mucha’s work . . . not the subject matter, but the line quality and colors.

  2. Thanks for this post on Tomić. He does deserve recognition. There are many talented Croatian illustrators on the contemporary scene. Here are just a few of them:
    Svjetlan Junakovi?
    Zdenko Baši?
    check the animated trailer for his book Northwest Wind:
    Veronika Cesar, 16 year old illustrator

    1. Thanks, Valentino.