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Kate Baylay

Kate Baylay
Though she is a recent graduate of the illustration program at the University of West England, Kate Barley’s style has a mature feel.

She takes inspiration in the work of great Golden Age illustrators like Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac and Harry Clarke, with a bit of Aubrey Beardsley and perhaps a touch of early 20th century New Yorker cartoonists thrown in for good measure.

When looking through her website portfolio, be aware that though clicking on the images themselves simply advances to the next image, there are text links to the left for viewing the larger versions, which I recommend to really appreciate her work.

There is also a quick sampler of larger images from The Olive Fairy Book on the cizgili masallar blog.

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7 responses to “Kate Baylay”

  1. Very nice. Reminds me of Beardsley, Nielsen and Rackham for sure.

    Her site:

    1. Thanks, Jason, I’ve corrected my oversight of the link listing.

  2. Reminds me of Eyvind Earle’s style, especially the Russian fairy tales.

    1. Thanks, Adam. Interesting thought.

      For the benefit of other readers, here is my most recent post on Eyvind Earle.

  3. Wonderful work!

  4. These illustrations remind me so much of Aubrey Beardsley only the colors causes each image to be so distinctive. The lines are crisp and fresh which makes each overall piece so appealing. Well done!

  5. One more strong influence is Ivan Bilibin. Thank you for the Eyvind Earle link. I am grateful to have discovered the work.