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Dot Bunn
Dot Bunn is a painter based in the Bucks County area of southeastern Pennsylvania — a region noted for the influence of both the Pennsylvania Impressionists and the more academic traditionalism of Thomas Eakins and his followers.

Bunn carries some characteristics of both schools in her landscape, still life and figurative work. Her vibrant, painterly technique is applied over a foundation of strong academic composition and draftsmanship.

Her fascination with both color and value contrasts are evident in her landscape compositions, which often incorporate alternating areas of light and shadow, contrasted at times with others in which the value range is more subdued.

She also incorporates landscape, and carefully controlled value arrangements, into her figurative work.

Her figure compositions have a Gilded Age sensibility, and frequently have a narrative undercurrent, with her models posed in costume.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Bunn at the launch event for a mural project she is beginning, in association with Philadelphia artist Patrick Connors, at Historic Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.

She is fascinating to talk with, and is someone who gives a great deal of thought to color and different ways of approaching color theory.

Bunn shares her expertise with students in local classes and regional workshops.


2 responses to “Dot Bunn”

  1. These are beautifully richly colored without resorting to all-color everywhere. Indeed She gives a great deal of thought to its use.

  2. A wonderful painter of Bucks County’s flora & fauna, including its bipedals, in the county’s biota. As mentioned above, in addition to being a fine artist, Maestra Bunn and her husband Tom conduct art classes and workshops at Red Stone Farm Studio, a regional center for visual representationist thought.