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Richard Oversmith

Richard Oversmith
North Carolina painter Richard Oversmith studied in Michigan at the Kendall College of Art and Design, and in the UK, at the Royal College of Art in London.

He brought his experience back to his home state, and finds there, as well as in his travels abroad and elsewhere in the US, a range of plein air subjects.

You will find on his website galleries of plein air paintings as well as studio landscapes and still life. Oversmith brings to all of them a plein air painter’s eye for capturing the essence of his subject in crisp, clear, painterly compositions.

You can see in his work an admiration for the French and American Impressionists, as well as Sargent and other 19th century painters who practiced a direct approach.

In addition to his website, Oversmith maintains a blog on which he discusses his process. In addition, there is an article about his process on

Oversmith’s work will be on display a the Warm Springs Gallery in Charlottesville in a show titled “meanderings” that runs until June 25, 2013.

You can find additional showings on his events page.


2 responses to “Richard Oversmith”

  1. I love his palette! ! !

  2. Exceptional plein air paintings here! You can actually catch a sight of profoundness and full spirited canvass.. Great collection to stare at. Thanks for the share!