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William Timlin

William Timlin, The Ship that Sailed to Mars
William M. Timlin was an English architect, illustrator and painter who spent most of his life in South Africa.

In addition to his gallery art and periodical illustrations, Timlin wrote and illustrated a personal book project, originally intended for his son, titled The Ship that Sailed to Mars.

Timlin worked on the project for two years, and it was eventually published in an edition that included his hand-lettered text rather than being typeset with 48 pages of text and 48 color plates of Timlin’s illustrations.

The book became something of a classic; it’s fantastical illustrations somewhat in the vein of Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham.

You can now find reproductions of the illustrations on the internet, as well as the entire story on the Internet Archive (though not with Timlin’s hand lettered text).

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  1. Ælle Avatar
    Timlin William M. The Ship that Sailed to Mars A Fantasy.
    Published: London: George G. Harrap & Company Limited. n.d. (1923)
    Binding: Vellum Spine over Grey Paper Boards
    Edition: First Edition (one of only 2000 copies)
    Price: U.S.$1,500 SOLD!