Daniel Adel (update)

Daniel Adel
For hundreds of years, artists have been studying drapery, both as garments and backgrounds for still life, and more abstractly as a subject in which is revealed the play of light against complex folds, waves, valleys and ridges — in effect, a microcosm of light in nature.

Daniel Adel evidently sees that microcosm, finding continuing fascination with the subject of strongly lit folded or draped cloth, but pulled in his imagination by invisible forces of oblique gravity and force of air into shapes that seem both physically improbable and perfectly naturalistic.

At times, in his recent work, he reveals that his windswept draperies are embracing bits of statuary; elements of putti or cherubs peak from under the flying folds.

Adel’s interest in the subject extends into fascinating variations: black folds against light backgrounds; similar forms like wings, swirling surf and foam; and my personal favorite, intricate wads of crumpled paper, with their contrasting crisp and soft edges, subtle ranges of value and shimmering areas of translucency.

Adel’s recent work will be on display in a one-person show at Arcadia Fine Arts in Soho that opens this Saturday, June 15 and runs until June 28, 2013.

During the exhibition you will be able to see a preview of the show here. After that the link will change to the next exhibition, but you can see a continuing gallery of Adel’s work on the Arcadia site here.

On Adel’s website you will find not only additional example of his work in the motifs mentioned above, but more traditional subjects of landscape in watercolor, as well as portraiture, along with examples of his work as a professional illustrator.

Within those seemingly disparate subjects you will still see Adel’s fascination with drapery, cloth and the play of light against brightly lit surfaces.

For more, see my 2007 post on Daniel Adel.

6 Replies to “Daniel Adel (update)”

  1. My interpretation in one word of the first four images is GHOST. Wow!
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    “A ghost is the spirit of a deceased person that may ‘appear’ to the living.”
    Wishing Daniel Adel all the best in Soho, New York!

  2. He was always a favorite of mine when looking through the old Society of Illustrator annuals as a young man. A painter who illustrated. Luscious paint and strokes.

  3. Adel’s work is certainly all his own and I have been a fan since seeing his illustration work years ago too.
    I remember reading somewhere, in an interview I think, that he see’s or focus’s on the sculptural aspects of the fabric and particularly his waves (I am paraphrasing from memory)

    Much in the same way as Daniel Sprick’s work, specifically his still life’s, they are instantly recognizable as his.
    While Sprick’s have that a stillness beyond most still life’s Adel’s still life’s have great motion or action instilled in his.

    I would love to see an exhibition of both their work together in one gallery, how cool that would be.
    Curator’s…. ? Whadda think?

  4. … even coming up with the title for that exhibition would be fun!
    “Still Motion”
    “Quietude Movement”
    Go ahead… come up with your own, it’s fun

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